Service Marketing Mix

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SERVICES MARKETING MIX I am study of the 7 p’s of KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK in related to marketing research. I also study in details 3 p’s of service marketing like people, process, & physical evidence etc. 1) People 2) Process 3) Physical evidence 4) Product 5) Price 6) Place 7) Promotion

1) PEOPLE: - In the people in the service mix in service organization are people assented organization and people based organization. Employees of the service firm constitute the major competency in the understanding business operation. Every employees of the service organization is marketing person who undertakes either full time or part time marketing
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Strategically speaking this is no physically evidence is the material part of the service.

Physically evidence is the term used to describe the types of image that your business goes through its physical presence. When the customer do not have anything that they can touch, see or try before they buy they are more likely to assess you by the image you put across. It refers to the tangible expression and how it is purchased and used. In an online context the physical evidence refers to the customer experience of the company through the website and the associated support. We can take the example of Internet Paperwork Uniforms Packaging

In the service sector the product is intangible service. It consists of the bundle features & benefits that have relevance to a specific target of the market. These is a high level of flexible & opportunity to be innovative in designing a product offers the consumers will favor those product that offer the most quality, performance or innovative features manager in these organization focus on the marketing superiors products & improving then overtime however these managers use sometimes caught up in love affair with their product.

Pricing decision is critical one in service marketing as the component of the
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