Service Procedures in Response to Accidents

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Unit 027 Outcome 4.1 Explain the policies and procedures of the setting or service in response to accidents, incidents, emergencies and illness. Accident Book – Each room has an accident and incident book, with clear guidelines. The books are stored in the main office. They are numbered carbon pages and a copy is always kept inside the book, all information is stored in a locked cupboard for confidentiality, once a form is completed two people are to sign the carer who has written it and also the manager on duty. Written on the form will be the name of the child, todays date, and the incident or accident that has taken place, any first aid which has taken place, and if a review has taken place at what time and who reviewed it. With this…show more content…
Accident/First Aid: We have a qualified first aider in the setting or on an outing at any one time. The first aiders are listed on a notice for everyone to see should they require help. If a child has an accident at the setting and requires first aid then the relevant qualified person will use the settings first aid kit which is easily accessible and regularly checked. When an accident occurs we fill out or accident book which details; where, when, how and what treatment was administered. The parents/carer is then informed and asked to sign it at the end of the session. If the injury is more severe and requires further medical attention then the parent/carer or authorised is contacted and informed or following signed consent on the settings registration form the child can be taken to the nearest Accident and Emergency unit. We have a duty to inform Ofsted and the Health and Safety Executive of any injury that requires treatment by a medical professional or in the event of the death. Reviewing the accident book half termly allows us to identify any potential or actual hazards. We have an Evacuation Bag which is taken out with us whenever we go outside of the premises or on off site visits/trips the contents of our evacuation bag include: First Aid Kit, Cold Compress, Accident Book, Individual child’s medication in own container, tissues, anti-bacterial hand gel, mobile phones, daily signing in/out sheets. Incidents: When an incident occurs at the
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