Service Quality And Customer Satisfaction Towards Cellular Service Providers

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BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODOLOGY RESEARCH PROPOSAL SERVICE QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION TOWARDS CELLULAR SERVICE PROVIDERS IN PAKISTAN Submitted by YUSRA BABAR B00298203 ABSTRACT The prosperity and achievement of any organization relies on several factors. Telecommunication sector aims to provide their customers with quality services. Companies giving quality services tend to struggle more in order to survive in service sector which in turn satisfy their customers. This study aims to examine the customer quality as a factor that satisfies customers. This study is quantitative in nature so self-administered questionnaire has been adopted to analyze quality of the service provided by cellular service providers in Pakistan.…show more content…
(Olla et al., 2002). The most effective way to stay connected with each other has become necessity in this busy world and telecom services are trying to make their market capitalization strong by giving the best quality services. With the passage of time the competition has become immense and is becoming difficult to meet maximum satisfaction of customer. At the same time quality should not be compromised. So there is a strong need to research on the factors that investigate the customer’s behavioral intentions towards service quality provided by telecom sector. There is also a need to focus on both present and future customers. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The main purpose and aim of this study is to identify the extent to which customers get satisfied with the services and quality provided by cellular service providers in Pakistan. SPECIFIC AIMS  The specific aims in this respect are as follows:  To identify the needs of customers expectations and perceptions about various service providers.  To check how service quality makes the customer loyal and stick to one service provider.  To examine the importance of different packages provided by cellular service providers such as pre-paid and post-paid.  To investigate about customers that switches one service provider to another.  To explore what customers expect through availing services. PROJECTED RESEARCH
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