Service Quality Management Case Study Essay

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Graduate Diploma Food and Beverage Management AMFB700 Assessment One Tutorial Exercise 2 Service Quality Management Case Study Semester Two 2016 Lecturer: Roderick Turner Student name/ ID: Xiaochen Gong/ 99138745 Submission date: Thursday 22 September 2016Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 1. Introduction The purpose of this report is to find appropriate approaches which assist hospitality operations in managing service quality. In order to meet current markets and make a better profit, the following areas need to be considered attentively. First of all, the report introduces four of techniques and strategies targeted towards both internal and external customers that help the food and beverage operations in managing these customers’ expectations and perceptions, four approaches include quality control, quality assurance, build in quality now and adopt new philosophy. Secondly, the report provides two kinds of measurement tools used in food and beverage operations for assessing customers’ satisfaction, such as doing customer satisfaction surveys and loyalty card which both aim to extract satisfaction from customers for food and beverage organizations to know more about what customers really want from services. Then in terms of promoting customer satisfaction, it is necessary for an operation to institute the leadership and training on the job according to service quality standard. An in-depth investigation into the leadership is the basis of managing

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