Service Quality Of English Islamic Banks

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Abdullrahim (2010) in her dissertation titled “Service Quality of English Islamic Banks” used a qualitative focus groups research methodology as a primary data collection, which is closely related to the methodology I will propose to use in my study. Abdullrahim (2010) used a mixed methodology of qualitative (focus group) and quantitative (questionnaire) to conduct the study. A modified service quality model (SERVQUAL) was used to measure the quality of service in Islamic banks in the United Kingdom (UK). The quality service model can be described as a degree and direction of the difference between customer perception and customer expectation. The researcher stated that Islamic banking in the UK, “Britain has the most active and developed Islamic banking sector in the European Union and is leading the way for Islamic banking in the west” (Abdullrahim, 2010, p. 1). The researcher focused on Muslims in the UK and what are their perceptions and evaluation of service of the quality of Islamic banks in the UK. The researcher studied Islamic banks in England because there are millions of Muslims who lived in the UK and banks started to offer Sharia products (Abdullrahim, 2010; Hanlon, 2004).
Abdullrahim conducted the focus group in two stages. First, “Eight focus group discussions were conducted with 36 Muslims” (Abdullrahim, 2010, p. 11). Second, “a pilot study, questionnaires were distributed by hand to Muslims in 10 cities” (Abdullrahim, 2010, p. 11). Abdullrahim asked open
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