Service Quality and Student Satisfaction

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1. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The college student market is currently influencing the expansion of university food services. Due to the dining unit options as well as increasing off campus competitors, college students are not tolerating poor quality of food served by university dining services. The college student market is currently influencing the development of institutional food service. To satisfy the basic nutritional needs of students, university and college food service operations need to deliver a variety of fresh, healthy and tasty food. Student food service is one of the competitive markets today, competing with other
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In Kim et al. (2008) studies found that service quality was found to be significant predictors affecting revisit intention in the university dining facilities.

2. PROBLEM STATEMENT Education organizations must play their own role to provide a quality of service for students. There are research found that the most important factor influencing customer satisfaction is food quality (Sulek and Hensley, 2004). The findings of the study done by Liu and Jang (2009) stated that food quality, atmospherics and service quality are some variables that important contributors to customer satisfaction. It shows that there are always have a problem in providing food quality and atmosphere quality to customer towards meeting their satisfaction. Research done by Lee (2004), has shown that food quality and convenient location are important dimensions affecting customer satisfaction which is turn determines revisit intentions to institutional food service industries. Thus, it is important to identify these important dining attributes in the institutional foodservice operation especially in university dining facilities.

3. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES Having briefed on the issue, the researcher identifies several objectives for this study. The research objectives are to: 1. Identify factors
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