Service Quality at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

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GUEST SATISFACTION CUSTOMER SERVICEXX Customer Satisfaction: Applying Concepts to Industry-w ide M easures Hotel customers’ emotions can cement their loyalty to your operation, but those emotions are slightly different for each hotel segment. BY JONATHAN BARSKY AND LEONARD NASH W e began our research on customer satisfaction nearly 20 years ago, believing that customer satisfaction plays a fundamental role in achieving customer loyalty and profitability. Co-author Barsky and various associates published a number of their findings in five Cornell Quarterly articles since 1990, each of which addressed a different customer-satisfaction issue (see the list overleaf). To test and advance the research thread in those articles,…show more content…
Hotel companies that invested in staffing and restored selected services and amenities led the industry through the recovery. Comparing performance across hospitalityindustry sectors, casinos consistently score higher than other hospitality businesses (i.e., hotel, car rental, and airline) while airlines receive the lowest scores of the four sectors (see Exhibit 2). Although the airline industry’s score of 75 is below that of other hospitality sectors, passenger satisfaction has improved in recent quarters because there are fewer passengers, fewer planes in 2 Special thanks to John P. Walsh, managing editor, Hotel & Motel Management, for permission to draw on previously published materials for this article. 174 Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Adm inistration Quarterly OCTOBER–DECEM BER 2003 GUEST SATISFACTION CUSTOMER SERVICEXX the sky, and less lost luggage than in the late EX H I BI T 1 1990s. Operating fewer planes is also associated with better on-time performance and fewer flight U.S. hotel industry customer satisfaction by quarter cancellations. Other factors, such as expanded self-service check-in programs, have also helped 85 improve the overall customer experience. Satisfaction in the rental-car segment has improved in recent quarters. Car-rental companies 84 have attempted to improve customer service,
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