Service Recovery

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Introduction Service recovery is now recognized as a significant determinant of customer satisfaction and loyalty. As a result, stabilizing the endangered relationship with dissatisfied customers by using the effective service recovery strategies and procedures became the main focus of much customer retention to improve the competitive advantage of the hospitality organizations. In this research paper, we firstly indicate the unambiguous interpretation and crucial role of service recovery in hospitality industry. Therewith the paper point out the predict variables of service recovery which means the possible factors having great impact on the effectiveness of employee’s service recovery performance. Furthermore, the paper…show more content…
Service recovery actions can be taken that may repair all or at least some of the damage done. The customer's final perception of the quality of the service provider will be affected by the number and seriousness of the problems they encounter and how these problems are handled by the operation (Colgate & Norris, 2001). Indeed there are some claims that customers may rate the encounter more favorably after a failure has been corrected than if the transaction had been correctly performed the first time (Kelley & Davis, 1994). Based on the “cascade” in “moment of truth” , the first stage of the overall service interactions should be treat carefully by the operator. Even if the failures made during the very first time, the operator should immediately corrected and try the best made the customer satisfied to avoid the high risk of dissatisfaction. On the other hand, service failures that are not properly recovered can result in a decline in customer confidence, lost customers, negative word-of-mouth, potential negative publicity, employee dissatisfaction and the direct costs or reperforming the service (Berry & Parasuraman, 1992; Lewis & Clacher, 2001). Predictor Variables A large number of studies confirm that a good solution towards companies consumer complaints will greatly improve
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