Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 1

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Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 1
August 25, 2014

The COO of Riordan Manufacturing, Hugh McCauley, wants to combine the current assortment of tools in use into a single integrated application. Riordan
Manufacturing wants to take advantage of the most sophisticated, state-of-the art information systems technology that already exists in the human resources department (Riordan Manufacturing, 2006).

In the development phase, it is important for one to gather information from various sources to ensure the project efficiently performs its preferred job.
To begin the information-gathering process, one will need to meet with the key management personnel, IT staff, and
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During the scope analysis the need of this integration will be discussed, as well as the amount of financial resources Riordan is willing to give to the project.
The impact, whether positive or negative, will be addressed during the feasibility analysis. After this phase, recommendations and conclusions can be given and taken to determine the overall outcome of the project.

After gathering the information for the service request for
Riordan Manufacturing, it will be determined that the integration of the existing system will be beneficial to the company’s HR department. The plan for this project will be built around the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). A work breakdown structure (WBS), in project management and systems engineering, is a deliverable oriented decomposition of the project into smaller components. A

work breakdown structure element may be a product, data, service, or any combination thereof. A WBS also provides the necessary framework for detailed cost estimating and control along with providing guidance for schedule development and control. This will allow the plan to be broken down into a hierarchy, which represents the work to be done.

The first step in the plan is to analyze the current infrastructure. This will determine if Riordan’s current software will be able to support the new system. This process should last 60 days and cost $200,000.

The next step is the design phase in
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