Service Request Sr-Kf-013 Essay

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Service Request SR-kf-013 Draft

Robert Linton
University of Phoenix – Online Campus
BSA 375: Fundamentals of Business Systems Development
Mr. Eric Secrist
October 8, 2012

Service Request SR-kf-013 Draft In today’s economy many individuals try to cut costs as much as possible. Kudler Fine Foods thought that creating a frequent shopper program for their valued customers would be a profitable and resourceful venture. Not familiar with the steps in implementing this type of program, Kudler hired a team of information technology business managers. Kudler believes that this team would greatly benefit the implementation process. In this summary, the team of IT business managers
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5. Kudler then updated the customer’s point account balance deducting the amount of points used with the redemption of their reward and transfer the reward to the customer.
The frequent shopper program benefits Kudler because it is able to save on restocking non-selling items and they gain a better understanding of customer buying trends. The customer benefits because they are able to receive rewards for purchasing items that they normally would.

Stakeholders In many types of system development projects, there are many types of stakeholders whom will be affected by the project. Kudler Fine Foods has many stakeholders that will be affected by the frequent shopper program system development project. These stakeholders include founder and President Kathy Kudler; all store managers for each location, administrative assistants, director of operations and accounting personnel (Kudler Fine Foods, 2012). Also included, are the specific department managers, cashiers, baggers, stockers, and clerks. These are the stakeholders that will directly be affected as well as even involved in the development of the frequent shopper program.

Preliminary Assignments and Tasks
As the organization starts the process of defining, developing, and implementing the frequent shopper program, each group member will be responsible for a number of assignments and tasks. Starting with the Stakeholders, they will be responsible for obtaining approvals from the organization for funding,

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