Service Request Sr-Rm-022 Part Two Essay

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Service Request SR-rm-022 Part Two
Jennifer Wherley
July 2nd, 2012
Joseph Duer

Introduction Riordan Manufacturing is seeking a new system that will consolidate all of their Human Resource related data. Currently, the data that will be a part of the new system is spread out through different departments of the company. The new system will allow this data to be saved in a central location, while only allowing viewing access to certain employees. The access will be much the same as currently in place, but located in a single system. Lastly, the implementation of the new system will be not be a quick process, because it would be safer the company completes a test run to few end users before completely releasing the system.
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Lastly, there is currently a third party company that deals with workman’s compensation data. This company will have remote access to only parts of the system that deal directly with workman’s compensation. The Human Resources department can then request that data from them via the new system.
System Processes Depending on the employee will determine the experience with this system. The employee will first open up the application. The application will then ask the user to enter their personal identification number uniquely created for usage of this system and they will also input a unique password also created only for the use of this system. The system will then ask the user if they are a Workman’s Compensation user, a Human Resources user, Compensation user, Employee Relations user, or a Department Management user. Then the system will request a department serial code. Once the user is logged into the system it will display any updates for the system, or dates and times the system will be down for maintenance. If the user is a Human Resources employee, the system will give them access to certain abilities, actions, and data based on their log-in information, and department serial code. The Human Resource user is outlined below (Figure n). The Human Resource employee will be able to access incoming requests for data and requests for changes of data through a list that looks very

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