Services Operations Management

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A PROJECT REPORT ON SERVICES OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT special reference to BPO SECTOR by Gaurav Tyagi 10DM-189 Gaurav Singh 10IB-029 Neha Sinha 10DM-093 Neha Kaushik 10DM-092 Harsh Shah 10IB-030 Keshav Shenoy 10HR-019 2010-2012 Under the guidance of Prof. Kunal Ganguly INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY INTRODUCTION Manufacturing, service and agriculture are the major economic activities in any country. In India, manufacturing and services together constitute nearly 75% of the GDP. Moreover, in recent years the growth in GDP is primarily due to the growth in these sectors of the economy. During the last ten years, the share of services in the GDP has grown steadily from about 40% to about 51%. The Union…show more content…
Function A customer service strategy not only discusses what you do with customer feedback but how you will obtain their opinions. Some companies employ surveys, while others feel speaking to clients one on one may be more effective. STEPS FOR DEVELOPING A SERVICE STRATEGY Client focus is almost like a buzz phrase these days. How often do we leave a business establishment and think, "Wow, that was just incredible customer service!"? Or, how often do we make a call to the customer service hotline and get off the phone thinking, "I feel I've been treated like a king!"? Chances are, not very often. If the companies not providing "WOW" customer service, then they are just providing service and that doesn't set them apart from the competition. One of the best ways to evolve a culture to one with customer service engrained in it is to implement a client-focused strategy that unites company team to achieve the goal. This is a shift that is going to take time; however, if they start with the basics and create a customer-focused infrastructure, they on their way to setting themselves apart from the competition. Step 1: Identification of key programs, products, and services. This isn't about getting out a company brochure and saying "this is what we do." It is far more in-depth: Review the output of your work and who receives, uses or benefits from it. What you'll start to build is your value proposition. Anyone can sell hardware
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