Services and Purposes of the Ventura County Health Care Agency

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Introduction (Purpose of the paper & brief introduction of topic)
The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of one healthcare agency's mission, purpose, and services. The agency selected for the report is the Ventura County Health Care Agency. It was chosen for this report because of the wide range of services they offer to clients and the community. Multiple aspects of healthcare are covered by the agency, encompassing numerous levels on the continuum of care. Their website will be analyzed in terms of its effectiveness to consumers.
b. Provide the name of the agency and its Website information
The Ventura County Health Care Agency maintains a Website at:
c. Summarize the delivery services that are provided.
The Ventura County Health Care Agency operates the Ventura County Medical Center and Santa Paula Hospital. The Ventura County Medical Center addresses trauma needs. The agency also operates several ambulatory care clinics throughout Ventura County and provides services to the homeless as well as the uninsured. In fact, Ventura County Health Care agencies provide self-care discount programs and other systematic means of providing healthcare to uninsured populations.
Moreover, the Ventura County Health Care Agency also maintains public health records and provides emergency preparedness information and other resources related to community health. Emergency health services are offered throughout the agency. The Ventura County Health…
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