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Evaluating a servicescape: the effect of cognition and emotion
Ingrid Y. Lin
Servicescape is a topic that focuses on the physical evidence of an organization. Everything from the exterior of a company to their interior and employees is an attribute of servicescape. The topic deals with the impression created by the company in the eyes of the customer walking in to the company. Whatever the customer sees is what they will perceive is the basic idea of servicescape in a company. In addition to the physical evidence, there are behaviors and internal responses to the servicescape that comes from within a customer. The internal response deals with the effect of cognition and emotion. This article gives us a great idea on how the customer
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The right choice of music can be effectively used to minimize negative consequences. Along with that, it can return greater shopping time, and more enjoyed time at the place. The article then discuses more aspects of servicescape dealing with olfactory cues, which comes down to the scent used at the place to attract customers. Furthermore, the article discuses the emotional responses generated by the customers through the three dimensions in the framework, pleasure, arousal, and dominance.
This brings us to our question of how do consumers evaluate servicescape, do they think first or do they feel first as they enter a servicescape? To get into the debate of which precedes first is out of the scope of this response. Both sides are presenting valuable information that can be argued diligently. There is great amount of literature in this article focusing on the cognitive and emotional states in servicescape. On the contrary, very little emphases have been placed on the customer perception and their evaluation of these settings. This article could have benefitted from examples of real customers walking into servicescape and their responses to it. The article could have looked at a servicescape through the eyes of a customer to better understand their perception. A main aspect that the research in this article came short of was that when we first form a perception of a servicescape, we are essentially processing cognitively
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