Serving Food at God's Kitchen

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During this I got to serve people food that are less fortunate, and for one reason or another are unable to pay for food. This was an awesome eye opening experience for me for a number of different reasons. One thing that really stuck out to me was when I got to sit down and talk to some of the people that were there getting food. These conservations went from anywhere between small talk to some deeper conservations about what caused them to be homeless. A conservation that really stuck out to me was with an older man who was now homeless. He told me how that he wasn’t always homeless and actually had a family and a career prior to this, but due to a few bad turns he ended up losing his job and family. With this and other talks with people I came to the realization that my previous beliefs on homeless people weren’t entirely accurate.
Prior to this class I had a close minded view about people who were homeless. I always viewed homeless people as being either druggies or alcoholics that were just too lazy to find a job. This belief even went as far as having the same belief on anyone who had to rely on these food drives. Serving at God’s I was able to learn a few things and had my overall view change about people who were homeless. The first thing I learned was how God’s Kitchen serves more than people who are homeless, and how they also serve families that are unable to afford food…
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