Serving Ideas With Finesse By Adam Vanegdom

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Art Essay: Serving Ideas with Finesse by: Adam VanEgdom “Art” has such power and influence not because of the beauty it possesses but rather the perception it evokes. Like art, writing possesses the same ability to mold our perception. This proved to be true in both The Complete Review and Blank Canvas by Michael Billington, as they attempted to open our minds to an alternative stance through deep, methodical analysis. The ability to develop meaningful, thought-provoking ideas can be rare, but Blank Canvas was able to deliver insightful, fully supported ideas. On the other hand, The Complete Review yielded unique ideas but lacked explanation and clarity. Ideas are not measured in quantity but rather in quality. Without a valid and accurate point, an idea cannot come to life. This places a large strain on having complex thoughts. In Blank Canvas, the ideas that were presented showed depth and creativity. The review was able to utilize the play, in order to manufacture several layered thoughts. Billington read past the text of the play and developed personal thoughts and perceptions that inspired reflection. He posed the question, “Is it possible to enjoy a real relationship with someone whose views on art, books, or theatre for that matter, are radically different from your own? If you embrace modernism, and I’m a traditionalist -as happens with Serge and Marc- is there any real foundation for relationship?” This statement developed a rather captivating “take out” as

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