Serving The Purpose Of Education

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In Kisautaq Lenona Okakok’s essay “Serving the Purpose of Education” she discusses the education dilemma in her borough of North Slope, Alaska, where many of the occupants are indigenous people of the Inupiat. Western education was thrust upon the Inupiat people of Alaska, changing the traditional way they taught their children. Okakok explains why and how The Board of Education for North Slope, Alaska took entire control of their education system after having Western education try to influence their way of teaching. The way the Inupiat teach is different from that of Western education, not only do they teach a different language (Inupiaq), they also need to teach a different curriculum that is better suited for the people of the North Slope compared to that of Western education. Okakok’s essay analyzes the way Western culture and teachings influenced her own culture, and how the Inupiat have taken control of their own education again while using considerable examples to defend her claims.
In Okakok’s essay she claims, “education is also the passing down of a society’s values to children” (79), and follows up with saying that teachers help pass values to children by how they react to certain situations (79). The example Okakok uses for the reader is to explain how their community plays a big part in the children’s lives, that not only the parents but other adults help to raise the children by a high amount of social interaction, such as frequently visiting grandparents and
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