Serving as Part of the Green Berets

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Earning the way into the Army’s Green Berets, a branch of the Army’s Special Forces, is no easy task. Being a part of a military service as prestigious as the Green Berets branch in the Special Forces is a great aspiration. The great leadership skills, intelligence, and overall drive it takes for a person to achieve this type of rank in the Armed Forces is something that are greatly admired in the United States. This elite group offers safety and security to the citizens of the United States and other countries with its unconventional warfare. The Green Berets is an elite career to aspire to because of the lasting knowledge it instills, the job satisfaction behind what this group works towards, and the unique opportunity that these select…show more content…
The Army describes the Rangers’ as, “capable of conducting squad through regimental size operations and are resourced to maintain exceptional proficiency, experience and readiness” (U.S. Army Rangers: The 75th Ranger Regiment). After serving as a Ranger a soldier can then be apply and be accepted into the Green Berets. For both the Rangers and Green Berets Special Forces training is required. This includes Special Operations Preparation Course, Special Forces Assessment and Selection, Special Forces Qualification Course, and Live Environment Training. The motto of the Special Forces is “De Oppresso Liber” which translates from Latin to “To Free The Oppressed”. Throughout history the Green Berets mission has changed and grown based on the state of the world. Today, the Green Beret's traditional mission is to advise and train foreign military forces to help them internally defend their nation. Some of the other major focuses are counterterrorism, direct action, special reconnaissance, and unconventional warfare. Counterterrorism is action take to impede and respond to terrorist acts. Direct action organized missions that are used when Special Forces, “want to seize, capture, recover or destroy enemy weapons and information or recover designated personnel or material” (Your Most Powerful Weapon Is Your Mind). These types of missions are used when the Green Berets are “in and out before the enemy has time to know

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