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Please read and study the case “Introducing Scrum at P2P” in Larson and Gray, 6e, pages 609-613. Please prepare your answers to the following questions (1.5 line spacing, maximum 4 pages) and submit your answer document to Canvas. Please also bring your answers to class for our discussion. Part A: 1. How well is Scrum working? The case is basically a tale of two sprints. During the first sprint, Scrum guidelines were adhered to and significant progress was made on the project. The team has evolved into self organizing group and is energized. Unfortunately during the second sprint, the project deviated from Scrum guidelines and the team seems less energized and productivity has declined. 2. What are the issues confronting the Big Foot…show more content…
This would give him the opportunity to save face by taking the lead in returning the project back to Scrum principles. If this doesn’t occur, Kendra needs to be careful to focus on the consequences of Prem’s behavior and not attack Prem for failing to perform his role as Scrum Master. Here, she could confess that she does not feel the same level of commitment when she is assigned a task instead of volunteering to do a task. 4. What improvements or changes need to be made? In theory, Prem should restore the methods used during the first sprint. He needs to relinquish his role as task master and manage just the process. He needs to reaffirm the rules that sprint deadlines can not be extended or the goals changed once the sprint has started. He needs to work at being a coach to the team instead of a supervisor Part B: 1. How would you assess P2P’s efforts at introducing Scrum? P2P should receive a failing grade in its effort to introduce Scrum on IT projects. By the end of the project all of the roles have been violated and the only gain is that the project is being done in increments with the opportunity for feedback and adjustments after each sprint. This is a significant improvement over the traditional waterfall method, but the emerging synergy within the team has been lost. 2. What challenges does an organization face when adopting an agile approach like Scrum? The chief challenge is a culture one. For example, project managers are trained to develop and

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