Set Design for Antigone and how it Helps the Audience Understand the Themes

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Outline your set design for Antigone and say how it would help a present day audience to understand the play's themes and atmosphere.

For the set design of Antigone, I need to think about how everything links together to provide a complete picture, interacting the actors with set, colour & scale.

If I was designing the set for a performance this play at college, I would have it performed in the theatre studio in Notre Dame college, it is a linear square space approximately 8metres x 8metres. The key themes being communicated in this play are those of power, arrogance, love, war, pride & family values.

As we know, the pretext of the play is the aftermath of a war, so I feel that a backdrop of the aftermath of World War I
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The chorus will have stepped onto the blocks near them on line 1270 to show the shift in power, the red light will show how the blood of the dead people; Antigone, Haemon are on his hands as he writhes on the floor crying out to die whilst the darkness of the stage and chorus shows us that although he isn't alone physically, metaphorically, everyone has left him, the purple drapes ripping in half show his kingdom falling away around him and all his dreams shattering.

I mentioned blocks earlier during the last scene, these blocks will be used to show the different levels, there will be blocks to the left and right of the stage about 1metre in height, they will span the length of the stage, they will represent the walls of Creon's rule, when the chorus climb the blocks and look down, its symbolic of their break from his grasp, they are now outside the box literally and metaphorically as they now overpower Creon in his demise. There will also be a block centre stage, again, about 1metre in height. This is
Creon's 'throne' as it were, where he can watch and command his minions, Creon will climb this when he is berating Antigone (line 506) and sentencing her to her death

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