Set Up Your Game for Your Brand on Facebook withouth Making these Common Mistakes

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Despite breakup letters and fraud claims, an estimated 15 million businesses, companies, and organizations have a brand page on Facebook. Yet so many are still behaving like amateurs when it comes to marketing on the 10-year-old platform. Step up your game by avoiding these all-to-common mistakes that brands are STILL making on Facebook. 1. Publishing less-than-stellar content and then complaining about page reach. Although Facebook has admitted several times in the last year or so that organic page reach has decreased, the algorithm changes have had the greatest impact for brands that were doing it wrong all along. Because organic page reach is declining, engagement is more important than ever if you want to reach more than 2% of your fans. Yet brands are still pushing out poorly formatted updates and overtly promotional imagery, and then wondering why they only reached 7 people. DO IT RIGHT: Try inspiring your audience instead of selling to them. For an example of this, check out the Facebook page for Diabetes Well Being. Because of the great content shared here on a regular basis, this page organically reaches about 50% of its fans each week. 2. Refusing to pay. Even if your brand’s content is so awesome that you’ve been able to maintain a healthy organic page reach in spite of changes, Facebook marketing without paid promotion should not be your goal. Paid ads on Facebook come with a wealth of opportunity for brands of all sizes due to Facebook’s unmatched targeting
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