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Seth stated that his parents are a great support for the couple financially, but he reported that he feels uncomfortable talking to them about intimacy issues. Angie said her parents are a source of support for her not only financially, but emotionally, but she would feel “funny” talking to them about sex. The couple stated that God is their biggest support along with their church. When asked, Angie stated that her creativity, honesty, and willingness were here main strengths. Seth stated that his physical strength, loyalty, and his humor were his strong points. The couple stated that they work well together and could maintain open dialogues, and were committed to each other.

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I later found out at church that hymens were for forming blood covenants. Marriage needed a blood sacrifice to be true, so God gave women a hymen.”
Do you feel that your partner’s penis is too large? Yes, I love Seth but sex is painful for me. I am really uncomfortable thinking about all of him inside of me, but I do want to try. But, I am afraid something might rip.”

Questions specific to Seth:
What are your expectations of sex? “Sex is for having kids, and is a sign of respect. I mean it should be away my wife shows me love but I don’t want her to if it hurts her. I feel as if she doesn’t trust me.”
Do you think your penis is to large? “No, I don’t know what is too big, but it seems like the same size as the men in the movies.”
How long have you been using pornography? “I have been watching pornography since I was a teenager. I was always afraid someone would find out or could tell that I had been watching it. I can watch it, and relieve my stress without hurting Angie, but I always feel bad afterwards.”
Are you using interactive web sites or passive videos? “I just watch plain old videos. Wouldn’t it be cheating if I was talking to real women online?”
What type of pornography are you watching? “Just normal stuff. Nothing fancy.”
How do you feel about your use of pornography? “The guys at work always are talking about it, so I think it is something guys do, but I always feel kind of dirty afterwards.”


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