Setting A Navy During The 18th Century Essay

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There are two conflicting opinions about setting a Navy or not during the end of 18th century in America. The important part in this discussion is to pay attention to the period of time that is being examined. Thus, the point of view must be shaped accordingly. Hamilton contends that the spirit of the States shape the commercial character of America, and that bothers the European countries as they want to manage other nations under their control. Hamilton suggests that there are a couple of ways to influence European nations upon states. First, he suggests remaining united and setting regulations. Setting regulations under a union will force other countries into bidding against each other, for the privilege of the states, and under a union the adventurous spirit will cause an active commerce. According to Hamilton, the second way is the establishment of a Navy which would be beneficial for the fate of a particular campaign especially in the West Indies as reinforcements. As a result, this would enable States to have commercial privileges. In addition to that, the rights of neutrality will be maintained if and only if there is an adequate power and that power comes from building a strong Navy. In a union, a Navy will embrace the safety of all the states and it will also be beneficial to the states …show more content…

All the anti-navalists were aware what a large Navy would lead States to build closer relationships with Europe, but they insisted that it was not desirable. Under the circumstances where States’ allies were quite significant for safety, it was possible that a naval force that was at the strength to influence European Nations could cause allies to become enemies, which was not something “desirable”. Some anti-navalists even believed that there should be “no political connection with

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