Setting Analysis of the Story a Rose for Emily

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An analysis of the setting of “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner’s
William Faulkner is one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century. Although he was born in New Albany, Mississippi in 1897 he moved to Oxford, Mississippi before his fifth birthday. Faulkner belonged to a once-wealthy family of former plantation owners (, Inc., 2012). He spent his boyhood hunting and fishing in and around Lafayette County (, Inc., 2012). William Faulkner based most of his stories and characters closely to his life and the ones that had the greatest influence in his life. The South’s historical legacy is what Faulkner often wrote his novels based on and that it what helped him gain recognition. Faulkner moved around to
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Although it shows the old social order of how things were during that time period it also shows us how it is slowly dying. Townspeople probably had a hard time adjusting to the death of the old social order but felt it was necessary instead of trying to hold on and stay true to the old ways. Characters as well as the setting both set the tone for the story and the change that was taking place. Emily although didn’t embrace change still longed for companionship since the death of her father. After being controlled by her father her whole life she now felt she needed to be in controlled. Even though Homer represented modernity and industrialization she enjoyed his companionship. Homer brought innovation to the rapidly changing world of this Southern town.
Emily’s macabre bridal chamber is an extreme attempt to stop time and prevent change, although doing so comes at the expense of human life (SparkNotes Editors). Emily’s house also represents alienation, mental illness, and death (Larinde). It is a shrine to the living past, and the sealed upstairs bedroom is her macabre trophy room where she preserves the man she would not allow to leave her (Shmoop University, Inc., 2012). Emily stays firmly planted in a subjective realm of time, where life moves on with her in it but she stays committed, regardless, to the past (SparkNotes Editors).

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