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Setting Goals to Obtain My BA, Business Degree and Cosmetology License Sabrina Meryl PHL/458 July 15, 2013. Professor Leatrice Phares University of Phoenix They are four stages used in the creative process steps when attempting to resolve an issue. These four stages include challenges, identifying the actual problem, investigating the problem, and finding solutions. My personal challenge has been completing my BA, Business Management Degree. I will share with you how I procrastination had an impact on my decision to remain focus and accomplish my degree. I share with you my dedication and determination of accomplishing my goals and how I accomplish short term and long term goals, which allow me to be 90% completed in obtaining…show more content…
I expressed to them my mistake was taking a break from school because had I not taken that break, which lead to a longer break than anticipated. “Mistakes, after all, are common, even about issues regarded as settled once and for all (Ruggiero, 2009, page 121),” This pushed me to work even harder to prove to my parents I will earn my degree and make them proud. My family and friends were honest with me and shared their suggestions and opinions, which were very useful in helping me, stay focus and achieving my goals. The suggestions and feedback I received allowed me to be open minded and I did not take there feedback personal at any point within this process. Concrete criticism is awesome and it allows growth and brings about new ideas I may have over looked. The feedback I received made me view the issue from different perspective and it assisted me in narrowing down my options and solution to my issue about not finishing college. I created short term and long term goals and began to execute them. I visited schools, ensured the degree of my choice was available, and I ensured I selected a school that was close enough to work and home. Some of the questions I asked myself and others: 1.) Should I attend college or obtain my cosmetology license? I enjoy doing hair but I always knew I wanted to finish up my education degree. I was contemplating going to cosmetology school to obtain my license to do hair. However I could not make my mind up and

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