Setting Is The Most Versatile Device An Author

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“Setting is the most versatile device an author can use when writing fiction. Setting is comprised of the time, location, position and aims to capture the essence and sometime social aspects of a period in time. In a given story, setting can serve a purpose to develop a story in a certain way or be used to accomplish and multitude of objectives. Setting offers context to a character 's’ surroundings which can then led to further insight into a variety of relevant themes or moments. Closely examining the setting often enables the reader to visualize where the story takes place, better understand why characters act in a certain way and in some cases, discern the moral or meaning of the story. Societal setting tends to influence the behavior and feeling of a character and in many cases will allow the reader to foreshadow events later on. It is a tool that allows the author to indulge the reader in a specific frame of mind and one that enriches the story overall. Often the setting is intertwined with the theme – or occasionally is the theme itself. It is an aspect of literature that the reader needs to pay scrupulous attention to in order to understand completely the entirety of a story. Without setting, stories would not have the same effect nor demonstrate the significance between the setting and the main character. In the short stories “A Rose for Emily” and “Babylon Revisited,” the setting is a critical aspect that is used more than a mere backdrop, but to symbolically
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