Setting : The Backseat Of A Private Town Car

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Setting: The backseat of a private town car. At Rise: Mr. Peterson and Johnson are being driven to a deal that Mr. Peterson hopes to close by his personal driver, Amir. Johnson: Please tell me you didn’t have me wait ten minutes just to learn a lesson. Peterson: I’ve been waiting for you to give me the paperwork so I can close this nine-figure licensing deal. Johnson: Oh. Well I’ve had it this whole time if you would’ve asked. (He hands over the paperwork to Peterson.) Peterson: I know you have, I’ve been waiting for you to give it to me. I shouldn’t need to ask. Johnson: Noted. But I was actually going to ask you if-- (Their conversation is interrupted by Amir slamming on the brakes and several blaring vehicle horns. Amir has stepped out of the vehicle and is in a heated altercation with an Afghani cab driver named Ahmed.) Ahmed: Just like a private car service, thinking you own the roads. What? You think you don’t have to yield like the rest of us? Amir: Yield? Yield?! You ran straight through a red light. Ahmed: Yellow! That light was yellow. Amir: It was not! That light was red for at least 2 seconds! (At the sound of the raised voices, Mr. Peterson and Johnson step out of the car and join the situation.) Ahmed: Are you calling me a liar?! Back off. Amir: I guess I am! Don’t you dare tell me to-- Peterson: Whoa! Everybody just relax. Anyone throws a punch and Mr. Taser makes a grand entrance. Ahmed (to Peterson): We need to have a couple of words

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