Setting The Scene From Block Grant Based Funding

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Setting the scene
Claire McCartney, research adviser at the CIPD and author of the report, comments: “There seems to be a real lack of awareness amongst senior managers, who rate the trust levels much stronger than more junior employees. It seems they either have a tendency to view things through rose tinted glasses, or are out of touch with how employees nearer the coalface are feeling. If senior leaders are in denial or burying their heads in the sand, there is a danger that a ‘them and us’ mentality will emerge and change will be very difficult to achieve.”

, and a transition from block grant-based funding to student loan-based funding of teaching has taken place.
The past five years have been a time of significant fast-paced change for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), with the higher education ‘market’ being opened to new providers, the removal of the Student Number Control cap and changes in student funding HEIs have needed to remain agile and adaptable. (HEFCE, 2015)
With International students making a huge contribution to universities and the UK including boosting the UK economy, HEIs are now required to compete in ever-more challenging global markets (HEFCE BIS grant letter 2015). HEIs recent successes have been and will continue to be vital to the UKs future economic prospects as the country enters a period of growth. (HEFCE 's annual grant letter from BIS)
With tuition fees for UK students at £9,000 and circa £12,000 per year for international students,

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