Setting Up A Newsletter For Your Site

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Setting up a Newsletter for your site visitors can help to drive traffic to your site by directing your previous site visitors to return to your website. You worked hard to build your site and you work even harder at providing quality content and driving traffic to your site. However after all that hard work what all too often what happens is that a visitor is referred to your site through search engine results etc and once they have read up on the topic of interest and or found the solution to their problem they close out and never return. Every other business works hard to get their visitors to return and having a Newsletter can keep people returning to your site. For example a Newsletter could provide a summary of recent postings on your website. Many webmasters have found that offering special offers in their email newsletters have helped them to monetize their website. Our site also provides a free newsletter which you can subscribe to by clicking subscribe in the header menu, footer link and by clicking here. We do not however annoy our readers with pop-ups soliciting email addresses. The idea of having a newsletter sign-up form that is not in the form of a pop-up may seem revolutionary but who knows maybe the idea will catch on. Before we get into referencing services we would like to acknowledge that we are not affiliated with these services and that there are no affiliate links in this posting. If we ever did have any affiliate links we would do the honest thing and

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