Setting Up A Sound Training Program For Building Strength And Muscle

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There are many variables to consider when setting up a sound training program for building strength and muscle. Variables include: adherence to the goal, overall volume, intensity, frequency, progression, exercise selection, tempo, and rest periods. After learning what those variables mean, the next question is what is most important and how can I interchange these variables to constantly improve while preventing injury. By learning how use periodization with the variables stated above, a person can optimize their training for their specific goals. This report will go into great detail about the hierarchy for these variables and how to interchange them for the longevity within someone’s lifting career. Introduction When looking to start a strength regimen, many people get lost at their first step of time management and not understanding the big picture. Understanding adherence to the goal can make or break a person from the get go. The most important part of any training program and the top of the hierarchy is adherence. Adherence is being able to stick to the program by training smart with in the balance of everyday life and realistic goals. To make the best plan at the same time making a protocol the person can stick to. The next level is volume, intensity, and frequency, which are the most common building blocks for a solid training program in regards to building strength and muscle. These variables are all equally important but it also depends on the specific goal,

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