Essay on Setting Up a McDonald's In Chad

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Chad is an ethnically diverse African country that also happens to be one of the poorest countries in Africa. Chad gained its independence from France in 1960 after a sixty year rule. There are several national cultures in Chad that are based on ethnoregional and religious affiliations. There are more than 200 ethnic groups in Chad, and those in the north and east are typically Muslim; most southerners are Animists and Christians. Through their long religious and commercial relationships with Sudan and Egypt, many of the people in Chad's eastern and central regions have become more or less Arabized, speaking Arabic and engaging in many other Arab cultural practices as well (Azevedo, Graham, and Nnadozie, 1997). The people who reside in…show more content…
Due to there lack of money they are forced to eat groundnut oil residue, which is usually fed to goats, which only cost eighteen cents (Clarke, 2010). Chad's economic performance depends on rainfall, because of the types of goods they export. Chad also has a narrow commercial base. Since independence, both Chad's internal and external markets remain undeveloped; therefore, the nation never succeeded in developing a successful commercial export economy. Chad's economy has long been troubled by its landlocked position, and high energy cost (Azevedo, Graham, and Nnadozie, 1997). They are also still feeling the effects of the years of civil war they were engaged in. Chad has poor transportation, inadequate natural resources, and continue to have political turmoil that has severely stunted their economic development. They are also highly dependent on foreign assistance to help their economy. Their economy is so bad that they are constantly in need of food aid to meet the hunger needs of their people. Chad's cultural structures are diverse due to the great variety of people who live in Chad, and many different languages spoken there. Chad is a semi-nomadic Arab culture. Arabs make up one-third of the population, and they live in tribes which are known as the Kishimbet (Rosensweig, 2001). The Kishimet is headed by an elder who is called the Shaykh. All members of the Kishimet

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