Settlement Of San Antonio And The Defense Of All This New Spain

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“For through observation and exploration of those lands and coasts, both by land and sea, it must be recognized that these settlements must be the rampart, fortress, and the defense of all this New Spain.” (pg. 1). The author Jesus F. de la Teja takes a objective look of settlement of San Antonio and its surroundings. His book covers over the course of a period of the 18th Century. His writings describe the life of the settlers, economics, living conditions, and their use of the land. He does a superior job of characterizing the early Texas Colonial settlers’ daily life. The author uses distinct unbiased information that rundowns the growth of the settlement of San Antonio. Tejada addresses a past that encompasses the length of the 18th…show more content…
How livestock were rounded up and then taken on cattle drives. The cattle drives would end at train stations where the livestock were loaded up. The trains would transport the cattle to meat producing plants. The author Teja also does an acceptable analysis of the land-use patterns around the Mission of San Antonio. With the many diverse groups and families settling San Antonio, Teja covers the diversity the area goes through. Teja could have placed more emphasis in painting a picture that San Antonio was the focal point in the Northern Boundary lands. I highly endorse this book for a person looking to study the growth of San Antonio in the 18th Century. “Community in San Antonio de Bexar did not spring up overnight. It was the product of a Shared struggle for survival among people who initially had little in common.” (pg. 160) According to Chipman, The author Teja is a scholar who is focused on the formation of the community at San Antonio de Bexar during the 18th Century. (Chipman) Teja provides a precise overview of the early settlers’ norms, beliefs, and attitudes in occupying San Antonio in an nonpartisan manner. “Permanently settled in 1718, San Antonio began as a military and missionary outpost on the northern frontier of New Spain.” (Chipman) Teja also captures how the older settlers viewed their relationship with the arrogant Islenos. Chipman further reflects on Teja’s

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