Settling Down Research Paper

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Migration and settlement are both largely controversial topics nowadays, and yet they have been a part of human nature since our species has evolved. We were once hunter-gatherers, migrating for our survival. Although this is no longer necessary, migrants and settlers alike continue to move about as they do, while others have settled down. Many people migrate to find a better life, but others do to find out about other cultures and traditions. However, traditions and parts of their own culture may be lost while attempting to adapt to other countries. Settling down is a way to prevent this and often provides more time for one to develop more things. People migrate for many reasons. While the reasons can vary from escaping a war torn country…show more content…
By going down this path, they find time to develop long lasting relationships with others instead of having to move every so often. Time to develop new skills and the chance to get used to the culture is often what settlers find, unlike many migrants. For instance, agricultural farming was developed after human beings began to settle down. The chance to explore new things and work on larger projects is an advantage of settling down. Mankind may be able to accomplish more that way, and progress is often made through settling down. Entire centuries’ worth of discoveries have been made throughout history merely by the act of settling down. Migration and settlement are topics that are still being discussed, although thousands of migrants flood into countries each day. Being a part of human nature, it is no surprise that people often migrate and settle down, and with good reasons as well. The loss and gain of cultures, sometimes even in the same environment, is an exchange that is quite confusing, and yet is so simple. However, migration and settlement are issues that we will never be able to grasp completely. Whether to migrate or settle down is a decision that one must make
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