Seven Aspects Of Change Management

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Figure 4. seven aspects in orgnaisational change management 4.5.1 Establishing a clear plan IT projects which have a clear definition for the process, such as planning, implementation and monitoring, are more likely to achieve project success (Goatham, 2009; Queensland Government, 2014), and this is called ‘process improvement’ (Goatham, 2009). The clear planning for changes can help the organisation to clearly understand their current situation, understand how to achieve change objectives, how changes will influence the organisation and connect the planning to the organisational strategy (Queensland Government, 2014). In other words, the purpose of establishing a clear plan is to help them understand what they need to achieve and…show more content…
Gaining opinions about changes from employees during the initial stage will also bring many benefits to the later change management phrase (Price and Chahal, 2006). Effective communication can not only enable project team members to fully understand the objective and tasks but also their roles and responsibilities. Many employees do not clearly understand what they need to achieve, so it is important to provide them with a roadmap to help them see the whole picture (St-Amour and Denis, 2001). Therefore, communication should also be well-organised and planned. It should recognise the current issues and objectives (ACAS, 2010). The understanding of the internal responsibilities in an organisation is called ‘defined governance’. This means the organisation should have an appropriate structure and have a clear definition for the role and responsibilities in order to response to changes (Queensland Government , 2014). The communication can also help to make sure who should take the responsibility of the change. If the user requires the change, then they should pay for it. If it is the organization itself, then it should assess whether it is worth to implement the change (Hu and Liu, 2008). Change Control Board (CCB) which includes both internal staff and external stakeholders is responsible for the acceptance and
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