Seven Direct Access Myths

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It was last year around christmas time. My mom was stressed out working overtime trying to pay for christmas gifts for everyone in the family and cooking meals. She basically overworked herself to the max. While she was at work the day before christmas, there had been a leak in her break room where she works. She had been complaining about it and she had asked someone to come in and fix, but they never did. She went on break and well she slipped and fell on the knee she had surgery on in January . She was in excruciating pain and the ambulance had to come and get her. She was out for 2 weeks but she wasn’t sent to therapy. She tried to go on her own and they would treat her but insurance would cover her injury because our primary care physician…show more content…
So, I am going to clear up some of these myths. These myths are from a article I read called 7 Direct Access Myths Debunked. One topic is that it only applies to private outpatient Physical Therapy Practices. The truth is that is applies to many other areas as well like private pay home care or sports field and performing arts venues, etc. So it's not just applied for one group. If you really need serious go to a physical therapy clinic but you still might have to get approval from your primary care physician. Another Myth is that Direct access doesn’t exist in every state. That is somewhat true but there are different levels of direct access. A state my just limit the amount or put a limit on it. So a form of direct access does exist in every state so you just have to figure out what works best for you. Mississippi is one of the six states that has strict limitations that still require approval. Another myth is that allowing patients coming without a referral from their physician puts their health at risk. “Physical Therapist are doctoral-level medical professionals whose training and education make them more than qualified to not only conduct initial evaluations, but also recognize when a patient’s medical needs fall outside of their scope”(Andrus). Physical Therapist are doctors. They go to med-school like every other doctor does. They can see when a Patient needs therapy or not. According to Apta’s Guide of Professional Conduct it is required that PT’s should evaluate the patient for signs and symptoms of damage for therapy. A doctor would not just treat someone without evaluating
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