Seven Eleven

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Supply chain management assignment 1 Seven Eleven In this essay I will analyze and describe the Seven Eleven supply chain in relation to its strategic fit. First I will explain the Seven eleven supply chain and how achieving strategic fit. The role of a supply chain is to maximize surface. The decisions made in the phases of the supply chain have a large impact on Seven Eleven. You want to manage the flow of products and the flow of information very well, all this in order to minimize the costs. To achieve strategic fit consistency between customer priorities of competitive strategy and supply chain capabilities specified by the supply chain strategy is necessary. you also must understand the customer and supply chain…show more content…
In 2004, seven eleven positioned itself as a leader not only of the convenience store sector but also of Japan’s retail industry as a whole. Seven eleven Japan developed an extensive franchise network and performed a key role in the daily operations of this network. The network included both company-owned stores and 3th party-owned stores. To ensure efficiency, Seven eleven based its fundamental network expansion policy on a market-dominance strategy (you must see to what extent a product, brand, or firm controls a product category in a given geographic area) How did they achieve the market-dominance strategy? Seven eleven Japan opened the majority of its new stores in areas with existing clusters of stores. This gave them 6 advantages: 1. Boosted distribution efficiency 2. Improved brand awareness 3. Increased system efficiency 4. Enhanced efficiency of franchise support services 5. Improved advertising efficiencies 6. Prevented competitors’ entrance into the dominant area They implemented the pull strategy by offering its stores a choice from a set of 5000 stock keeping units. Depending on the customers demand. This is a way to be responsive to the customer. Besides products, they also began to offer services that the customer could obtain at its stores. Some examples are: ticket sales, copiers, atm installation,... To be even more responsiveness to the customers demand the orders can be made online by the
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