Seven Employment Factors To Counseling

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Counselor and David met on 10/5/17 in the office to go over the quote that was received from the audiologist and to review the budget checklist that was provided to him during our initial meeting. David didn’t have any questions about the quote and agreed with the recommendation as these are the aids he was fitting for at his last appointment. This counselor then reviewed his budget checklist with him. Based on numbers he provided this counselor, David’s expenses exceed the amount he and his wife make each month. David explained that with his wife recently being on maternity leave, having a new baby, having student loans to pay, and being in debt with several bills (wages being garnished) he doesn’t feel that he can contribute any more…show more content…
David Grout is a 58-year-old male that is diagnosed with a moderate hearing loss and tinnitus. David’s work-related barriers include: trouble communicating over the phone, difficulty hearing contractors especially when all the tools are going, issues communicating with his brother/business partner (always walks away and doesn’t realize he is still talking), and trouble hearing customers who have low or high-pitched voices or have accents. The hearing aids recommended by his audiologist will assist him with communicating more effectively in his work environment so that he is able to confidently and accurately perform the essential functions of his job. Follow along will ensure that he and this counselor maintain contact for at least 90 days. This contact will be to discuss his successes or any issues he may have with his hearing aids. It will also confirm that he is able to maintain his employment and adjust to his hearing instruments as this will be his first set. David currently co-owns a company with his brother and is considered the property manager. His hearing loss is significantly affecting his ability to do his job which is why he is requesting the assistance with purchasing hearing aids. His planned services which are expanded upon in greater detail in his IPE are Restoration Services and Follow Up. Additionally, guidance and counseling occurred prior to plan development. The following vocational issues have been identified as potential barriers to maintaining
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