Seven Great Virtues: Benjamin Franklin Presentation Essay

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Jessica Brooks

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The essay Citizen Ben: A worldly American’s Seven Great Virtues by Walter Isaacson is an essay begins talking about Benjamin Franklin. When we think of Benjamin Franklin our minds automatically turn to the story about him flying a kite in a lightening storm with a rod on to prove that lightening was electricity. This is one thing that Franklin did but he did many more as well, in fact it says that he was an inventor diplomat, writer and business strategist. He helped bring the country that we live in today about. There are many views on him that show him in a good light and some that show him in a bad light. There are some that saw that he was shallow and didn’t show great
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Franklin saw that using humor was the best way to make political points. He also saw that “America would always be strongest when it was confident enough and self-aware enough, to laugh at itself.”

In this essay it also talked about Franklins views on humility and how he found humility to be very useful throughout his life. He believes that one can never have too much humility because if you have too much than that can cause you to be proud of the humility you have and will cause you to start all over in your need to be more humble. I believe that this is true. Having humility can help in all aspects of life, if you aren’t going on about your own accomplishments in life and let the person you are talking to tell you all about their accomplishments it will make them feel like you are a great friend and in turn will want to do more for you. Franklin used this tactic when he wanted to launch the first subscription lending library in America. He used his club Junto to do this, during the clubs existence he always thought it best to hear everyone’s point of view so when he came up with this idea he began to put it into everyone’s head to it seemed like their own idea and it worked. To many this seems like a sort of manipulation but this is the way people think. If you want something that requires the help of others making them feel like they came up with the idea by themselves will only help your case,
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