Seven Guitars Themes

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During the play, Floyd is schooled in the ways of the record business when his white manager, T. L. Hall, makes off with his advance money and is then arrested for selling fake insurance policies. In fact, each action that Floyd takes towards his goal is thwarted by some white person: by the clerk refusing to pay him for his time in the workhouse because he does not have the letter he was sent; by the pawnshop owner who will not redeem a ticket that is two days overdue; by his lying, thieving, and manager. Hedley fingers Floyd as a man of destiny when he says, “You are like a king! . . . The white man got a big plan against you. Don’t help him with his plan” (71).
Floyd’s rage is stimulated because he cannot be a successful musician who produces
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The surviving members of Barton’s blues community perform riffs about its significance, which separates the community from what threatens to immobilize it. Seven Guitars intertwines the circumstances of Floyd’s death with the advancement of his musical career and corresponding financial independence. The structure of the play establishes death as a possible by- product of the tension between progression and regression. In both Seven Guitars and the ninth play of Wilson’s cycle plays, King Hedley II, the main characters die in the pursuit of opportunity made available through illegal means- by taking a chance. Elam., Jr. substantiates Hedley’s killing of Floyd: . . . Hedley kills Floyd, the musician who has betrayed black communality and disserved the legacy and the power of the blues. Hedley’s signifying act functions not only as an admonition to others who would so transgress, but as corrective for Floyd’s sins; a corrective that can only be carried out by the highly charged, emotionally disruptive, and disturbed actions of this madman.
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