Seven Keys And Effective Prayer

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Seven Keys to Effective Prayer
By Ada Porat | Submitted On August 04, 2006

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Expert Author Ada Porat
If prayer is so powerful, then why does it seem like the more we pray, the worse things seem to get?

Perhaps what we see as a world of chaos is simply the Field, mirroring our belief that peace is missing -- our "please, let there be peace" echoes back to us as chaos! If so, then this understanding of how the mirror works can encourage us to change what we say to the Field.

Effective prayer is based on this understanding that the energy underlying all of creation is a malleable essence that accurately reflects what we put out.

For many centuries, indigenous shamans have taught that we need to pray the results and not the problem. They exhorted people to focus on the outcome as if it is already a reality: to pray healing instead of praying for healing; to pray rain instead of praying for rain. Praying for something reinforces our perceived lack; praying the desired outcome visualizes it from a place of inner faith as if it is already there.

Our abundant universe always contains sufficient peace, health and happiness in some form. Effective prayer
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