Seven Mechanisms Of Gamification

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Congratulations, your company has finally decided to incorporate gamification into its wider marketing strategy! The next step is to identify, how to implement gamification in a way that will not only improve the customer experience, but you give you maximum insight into the emotions driving your customers to your product. Through analyzing these behaviors, you can learn what turns them on or what triggers changes to their behavior? To accomplish this, you must properly understand the seven mechanisms of gamification, which are the key to promoting customer engagement and building a solid understanding of your clientele. More than technology, the gamification process is about psychology. Mechanism #1 - Challenges The first major mechanism…show more content…
Players might get satisfaction from watching their points rise and redeeming points for special offers, while the company can use points to measure interaction. Starbuck has revamped the traditional customer loyalty program by including gamification elements. For every dollar spent in a store, a Starbucks customers receives two stars and as they collect more stars, they receive rewards like; free coffee refills, free-birthday rewards, monthly double-star days and special rewards for every 125 stars collected. This is however, complimented by special programs on days like Valentine's Day, where customers can send a Starbucks Card eGift to one another via their smartphones! The Starbucks scheme is a fun filled and interactive version of the normal rewards program. Mechanism #4 Badges and…show more content…
Whether it be reaching gold status in the Starbucks loyalty program or breaking a new record in the Jockey virtual bowling game; badges could be a symbol, similar to how the size of a house might indicate one social status. Furthermore, considering that social media has become a part of everyday life, consumers can share their badges and pride via social media. From the perspective of the company, social media sharing is a sure way to attract more participants in their gamification scheme looping us back to stage one of the challenge stage. Foursquare has decided to make their “favorite location finder” app called Swarm even more fun by including new badges and stickers. When users check into different locations, they can unlock new badges and stickers and add it to their profile. Swarm users are motivated to visit places, spend money in order to unlock a virtual meaningless badge – a clever way to take advantage of the human psyche! Trophies, however, are what differentiate the good from the best and can be used to create a competitive spirit and should be awarded more sparingly. According to a social comparison theory from the 1950s by Leon Festinger, Trophies are an important benchmark by which people can measure their own performance and aim

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