Seven Perspectives Of Cognitive Psychology

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I think taking an integrated approach is the best way to fully understand the human mind. When psychologists focus on behaviors from a more narrow perspective, they can conduct more research on that specific area and not get wrapped up in all the alternate points of view. Psychology can be broken down into seven perspectives. The first is biological psychology or behavioral neuroscience. In this area, the study focuses on the relationship between the mind and behavior. Also included is the study of the underlying processes, including genetics, biochemistry, anatomy, and physiology (Cocioppo & Freberg, 2013). Basically, biological psychology focuses on the physical aspects of why people behave with certain behaviors. With advancing technologies, biological…show more content…
They look into structural changes within the nerve cells and the nervous system as a whole. Another form is evolutional psychology. In this, scientists study how human survival throughout time has shaped our physical structure and behavior. These scientist believe human behavior today was shaped on our ancestors survival and reproduction. An example would be how humans can remember faces, particuarly ones that have wronged us in the past (Barclay & Lalumiere, 2006). This comes from centuries ago; if hunters were wronged out of their crops or hunts, it could lead to their family starving and even dying. If you could not remember the faces of who wronged you, your likeihood to survive was small. Cognitive psychology is the next form and it focuses on the thinking process and how we process information. Cognitive psychologist focus their studies on how we store and retrieve memories and how we can make the process more efficient. They ask why we recall information differently in certain situations like taking a test versus riding a bike. They also focus on why do we experience times where we cannot remember a certain word or phrase, but can only recall the first letter, otherwise known as
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