Seven Steps to Solving the Housing Crisis

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The crisis that America has found herself in, to be completely blunt and honest, all revolves around stupidity and bad choices. American citizens that had absolutely no business even thinking of buying a house flooded the market and were encouraged by greedy bankers that were out to make a profit, without thinking of the consequences or morals involved. Now the government has over stepped their boundaries and are spending this country into such deep debt, which makes one think that that light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train with no hope of slowing down, let alone stopping. The solution to this economic crisis is outlined in seven easy baby steps: 1. America needs to create a small emergency fund (at least a million…show more content…
Houses would be paid for, jobs would open up, the stock market would probably not shift as much as it does, welfare programs would become obsolete, over 70% of Americans would stop living pay check to pay check, and everyone would retire with dignity. Everyone could get themselves educated, which would make us all winners, and broke people would stop buying houses that they can’t afford. If everyone bought houses that they could afford then there would be no more foreclosures; especially if everyone had an emergency fund to give them an alternative if something happened. If businesses weren’t built on debt, especially sole proprietorships, then businesses wouldn’t have to lay a bunch of people off or cut down productivity. America needs to save to help take care of her people and Americans need to take care of themselves so that we all win in the end. Lastly, America needs to build a bunch of wealth and give a bunch of it away. This concept is for the government and her people because when one gives and it becomes a habit, that person is forever changed. It reminds them that it’s not all about them. It’s not about getting a bunch of stuff that they can’t afford to impress people that they don’t even like. It’s about taking care of your neighbor; it’s about being a selfless person and nation in a selfless world. America needs to invest in herself again, because the best invest one
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