Seven Traits Of A Civilization Research Paper

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Brian Migliaccio
Social Studies
24 March 2017
What Makes A Society A Civilization? To become a civilization, there were seven traits a society must endure. For example, the arts. It could have been pottery or a statue, and it taught people to value beauty. Each one of the seven traits brought something to contribute to a civilization. Technology was an invention, like the wheel, that impacted a civilization by making the people’s lives easier. Furthermore, there was government. Furthermore, there was government. Government was people like kings and rulers, who helped civilians run smoother lives by enforcing laws. Adding on to that, there was also social structure. Social structure distinguished people in classes. Those classes included the low class, the middle class, and the high class. Also, there was writing. Generally, writing was people, like scribes, and a type of writing called cuneiform. What scribes did was keep records of daily life, important events, and more. Nowadays, cuneiform helps us identify
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All of the traits do go together, although the easiest one to recognize matching all others is technology. A plow for stable food supply, tools for writing and creating masterpieces for art, and even chariots for defense and attack on government. The examples are endless, so as you can see technology integrates very easily. Although, that surely doesn’t mean the others don’t integrate with each other. For instance, social structure and government. Kings are almost part of the definition of government, and they’re first class in social structure. Also, the arts and religion. Both could be used as a way of expression, and nowadays, both represent the past. Overall, anyone can find endless similarities between the traits. Every trait matches with all the others. It’s so easy to put them together it’s like PB&J. But in the end, they all help each other out no matter
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