Seven Year War Paper

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Seven Year's War Paper

Seven Year's War Paper

Many factors led to the Seven Years’ War. Along with these factors, I think that the huge differences in cultural backgrounds and points of view between the various countries involves also contributed to the Seven Years’ War. In the seventeenth-century, the colonies were becoming over run by various, very different immigrant groups (Davidson, 2006). Famine, warfare, and religious persecution forced most of the non- English groups to leave from their homes in Europe and go to the American colonies. This immigration quickly increased the population and made the colonies more diverse. The diversity caused the colonies to be primarily divided along cultural lines. The colonist divided
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The conflict between the superpowers for the control of the continent began the Seven Years’ War. Most people put the beginning of the Seven Years’ War in the 1754, but it actually occurred from 1756 to 1763. In the Seven Years’ War, France, and Great Britain struggled to control eastern North America (Davidson, 2006). The area between the Mississippi River and the Appalachian mountain range was contested, as both nations claimed it. When the British won the Seven Years’ War, their colonial holdings doubled in size and they gained control of North America. Conflicts over trading rights and the control of the Ohio country was the primary cause of the French and the Indian War (Davidson, 2006). British control over North America and the Seven Years’ War led to many issues and problems as the British struggled to maintain their supremacy. The French came out behind in each of these struggles, they lost position as highest colonial power for the next generation, their position would not be restored until French Revolution of the 1970’s. Since each colony had to run its own military campaigns for many years, the colonies were isolated from each other. While the Seven Years’ War did determine who would control the North America continent, conflicts caused by the war would still continue. The British Parliament was determined that the
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