Seven Years Ago, My World As I Knew It Began To Change;

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Seven years ago, my world as I knew it began to change; little did I know, my family would be torn apart. Seven years ago, my father would move out, my home taken, my life forever changed. Seven years ago, my parents got divorced. In today’s society 40-50% of American marriages end in divorce, at rate at the time I was completely unaware of. Seven years ago almost none of my friend’s parents were divorced; only one other friend in town had parents going through a separation. They were the talk of the town. All my friend’s parents talked about how the Biermans were getting a divorce. I sat and listened to the gossip; thinking if only they knew. Seven years ago my life turned upside down. I remember like it was yesterday, I was in the car,…show more content…
The first year was the worst. My mother was completely devastated; she never left bed. I would kiss her goodbye for school in the morning and come back to find her in the same position, she didn’t move not even for food. My father would pay my mother $500 a week every Monday when he would pick up my brother for school. The money was used to pay the mortgage, the car, the heat, and food. The $2,000 a month was not enough to even cover the mortgage alone. There were days I would come home and the lights would be off, the house cold, the fridge empty. Soon enough the house would be foreclose on, the cars reposed. There were days I would come home to find my mother crying on the couch, trying to figure out how she let this happen. I would sit there with her helpless, all I could do was wipe her tears, hold her and reassure her everything would be all right; it will get better. As time progressed things did get better, my father realized $2,000 a month was not enough to cover anything and began giving us $3,000 a month, still things were hard. Once the divorce was filed, things turned ugly, the money stopped, my mother was constantly busy with the attorneys, my father in a bad mood, every conversation revolved around money and the attorneys. Fast-forward three long years, the divorce finally settled. When all was said and done, the bitterness finally revealed. My mother had gone back to school, worked her ass

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