Seven57sounds: A Case Study

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This contract clearly states that all represented under the company “ Seven57sounds” will have an equal opportunity and equal treatment. There will be no bias or favoritism shown in this company. All tracks that are on the Seven57sounds SoundCloud are first come first serve. You will not have complete and total rights over any of the tracks on the SoundCloud or made for the employee of Seven57sounds. You will have rights to use the track and promote it, but I will still have ownership over the track, thus meaning that both our names will be on the song as you as the artist, a co-producer if one collaborated on the track, and me as the main producer ( a writer may be added if applicable ). The artists or producers of Seven57sounds may promote themself at…show more content…
Consult your superiors when requesting a track or to start a project, mixtape, or album. Songs with more than one artist are allowed and encouraged in Seven57sounds. There may be times when I or another superior suggest someone to feature on a song, words for a hook or chorus, or give tips to better your performance. Superiors may also give writers the topic to write on. Cursing in songs should not be excessive. In Seven57sounds we focus on the message of our songs and what people will get out of our songs, not just having something catchy. If you have any suggestions for the company or for any talent you know of that may be interested in the company you may contact your superiors and inform them. All suggestions shall be heard out. Anyone involved in a song or album that profit is received will get a certain percent of the profit. Percentages will vary due to the situation, how many people are involved, and the profit received to said project. The company is still growing and any ideas, promotions, and possible business deals will help you as well as the company. This business should be taken seriously and is not to be viewed as a
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