Seventh Grade Vs Melting Pot

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The two conflicts of “Seventh Grade” and the “Melting Pot” are both very different from one another. In “Seventh Grade” the conflict is internal. However, in “Melting Pot” the conflict is external. They both are based around diverse things. They each take place between different groups of people. In “Seventh Grade” the narrator is a boy with internal conflicts who has a crush on a girl; while in “Melting Pot” the main conflict is external among other people because they all argue about things that don’t matter. This essay will explain if and how the conflicts have winners.

In “Seventh Grade” a young boy named Victor is introduced, and the conflict is when he begins to explain how much he wants to be with Teresa. He is also trying to hang out with her by choosing the elective she chose. When they are in French, Victor lies by saying he knows how to speak French; therefore, he is quickly quizzed by the teacher with a simple conversation. He says words that sound like French and Mr. Bueller understands he does not know the foreign language; consequently, Teresa believes he knows it and is impressed by him “speaking” it, so she asks him to help her with it some other times and he
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In “Seventh Grade” Marcus has an internal conflict with a crush on a girl, and she believes he can speak French, and this conflict is resolved by Teresa asking to be tutored by Marcus in French. In “Melting Pot” the conflict is the fact that the people of different cultures have different opinions about one another. The old-comers believe the newcomers raised pay rent, while the newcomers view the old-comers as bigots for blaming them in the rent raise. This conflict is not resolved because after they are stirred up from a certain problem they all dislike, they all fall apart and go back to blaming one another for incidents. This goes to show a story may have a conflict, however, it is not always
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