Several Research Questions on the Causes of Wwi

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World War One  Account for the feelings of hostility towards the Austria-hungry Empire by Serb nationalists in 1914:  Austria was what stood in the way of progress of the Serbian nation. Serbia was a direct threat to the survival of the multinational Austrian Empire and for that reason Austria felt it necessary to thwart Serbia's plans for growth and development. The Serbs desired more land, especially a coastline with an all important sea port, Austria denied them this by, in the peace treaty of 1912, creating a new country between Serbia and the coast, Albania. Austria also had Imperial control over several Slavic states, to which she denied national self-determination. The annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by…show more content…
Both girls and boys of the working class entered the workforce at an early age. They worked in large factories for long hours at low pay. Often the work was dangerous and damaging to the health. Working class people didn't usually have a nutritious diet or healthy lifestyle and so were at risk of disease, which spread quickly in the crowed conditions, in which they lived and worked. Middle class boys meanwhile often went on to become the owners or directors of the factories in which the working class were employed. They were doctors and teachers and lawyers. The women married and they ran large suburban home, often with several servants. The middle class life was one of respectability and comfort. Members enjoyed a life of financial security and, although they did not live in luxury, they did not want for anything and were able to enjoy recreational activities such as seaside holidays in summer. The usual course for an upper class young man was a position in the army, government or church. The upper class life was drenched in tradition, the main source of income was from the large family estates (the upper class were the main landowners in Britain) and houses, which had been in the family for generations. Upper class men did not actually have any employment as such so their lives were an endless round of hunting seasons in the country house, shooting seasons at the Scottish estate and London ball seasons in the town house. In winter most upper

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