Severe Asthm Article Analysis

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Risk, in the context of this article, is the chance of someone suffering from a severe asthma attack. The article discusses lowering the risk of severe asthma attacks; however, it does go over how patients developed asthma in the first place. Granted that some cases may be caused by genetics; nonetheless, other cases are caused by hazards and exposures. For example, an employee working in a chemical manufacturing plant where he/she is exposed to toxic chemicals can develop asthmatic symptoms. It is not clear whether vitamin D supplements can reduce risk of severe asthma in all patients. The article mentioned that the risk of severe asthma is not fully understood. Most of the patients recruited for this supplement study had mild to moderate asthma; consequently, the data from this study needs to be interpreted with caution. The article clearly explains the approach to treat patients with severe asthma; however, the research group does not seem to have the right group of candidates to properly test the efficacy of their supplement.…show more content…
The article reviewed exposures that could lead to the risk of severe asthma. The article proposed the way to reduce the risk of severe asthma, however it also mentioned that further analyses is required to fully understand this issue. Having a group of candidates with mild to moderate asthma participate in a study designed to reduce the risk of severe asthma is not ideal to say the
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